Module 1 The Philosophy of History

Why should students invest their time and effort into learning Social Studies? In ancient Aegean culture to think was to learn. No distinction was made between science and philosophy as man began to seek an understanding of the basic truths of life - himself, the world around him, and how to interact with it. Their foundational approaches to rational thinking cared about truth and falsehood, justice, freedom, fairness, and equality. Such schools of thought were fostered and continue to be so today.
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Total 12 interactive video lessons
  • 174 targeted concepts and key words
  • The Education System
  • Dimensions of Thinking and Critical Thinking
  • Research and Media Literacy
  • Suggested prerequisite for Modules 2-8
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We have completed the first two lessons and my boys are hooked! Thank you, Lively Nova-Simpson, for all your hard work in putting this fabulous program together. The boys are not allowed to do it without me, either. I am learning so many things! Lol.