Meet our Team

Lively Nova-Simpson
CEO & Co-Founder

MS in Education with Honours, Certificate in TESOL Education, BA in Tourism
The ultimate goal of education is to instill a love of learning in each and every student. In order to achieve this goal, students need to know why the information they are studying should matter to them - why is it relevant?

The classes that I teach are environments for meaningful learning and it all starts with intentional teacher preparation. I choose each picture, draft each discussion question, and craft each task with the purpose of connecting students to the material. They need to find value in the key skill or concept that is being taught, so it is up to me to draw from my bag of tricks to capture their interest.

Invested teacher.
Engaged students.
Dynamic learning.

I hope to meet your child 
in one of my classes soon!
Steven Simpson
President & Co-Founder

IT Professional with over 20 years of experience in Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Supply Chain and Post Secondary Education.

The success of my projects and initiatives required strong interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills to build effective, productive working relationships with trust and accountability as the foundation

Service excellence and professionalism are the foundation for building exceptional relationships with our business partners, educators and students alike.  Continuously delivering a premium educational experience is the key to a successful learning outcome, an engaged student and a valuable program for educators and parents.

We become better people when we seek out knowledge that can further support our values and contributions to our families and our communities.