Online Canadian Social Studies Program for grades 5 - 9    
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Big Announcement!

Junior Think Tank Academy is now an authorized subscriber to curio.ca, which allows our Social Studies program to provide the necessary Canadian perspective within a global historical narrative.  Our interactive lessons will pull from close to 4,000 educational programs in the Curio catalogue. All ad-free, with approximately 20 new programs being added every month.

Top featured Curio programs in the Junior Think Tank Academy curriculum:
  • Canada: A People's History
  • Canada: The Story of Us

  • CBC News - Looking Back

  • Back in Time for Dinner
  • You Can't Ask That

Curricular Outcomes

  • Dimensions of thinking
  • Citizenship
  • Historical figures and events

Navigation Tools

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  • Technology requirements
  • Payment & cancellations


  • Suitability & expectations
  • Credible sources
  • Certificates of Completion

Featured Modules

Kids and parents alike shout out...

“We have completed the first two lessons and my boys are hooked! Thank you Lively Nova-Simpson, for all your hard work in putting this fabulous program together... the boys are not allowed to do it without me either... I am learning so many things! Lol”

Homeschool Parent
"I loved the course. It gave me a brief course on who invented schools and I loved it! Maybe it's just me, but I love history very much and it was perfect for me! And it didn't take me that long to complete!"
-Age 11, Charter School Student
"I find the lessons really interesting. I liked learning about how one philosopher Socrates influenced the other two...Plato and Aristotle. I have to do the My Journals. Even though writing isn't my thing, I don't mind. The questions aren't hard. I can answer them easily."