Online Canadian Social Studies Program for grades 5 - 9

Greetings from the great white north

Dear Parents,

Are you like us? Over the years, have you become increasingly uncomfortable with the “approved” curriculum being sanctioned by our educational institutions? Year after year we watched as elected provincial governments took turns “improving” the curriculum merely to garner the same result. Whatever the panel of experts decided to implement, the worldview being propped up has only served to increase the instances of student depression and anxiety.

Waiting for the government and educational institutions to fix the system was never an option for us, so we got down to work and developed our own Social Studies curriculum. Fortunately, we didn’t have to start from scratch. Lively drew on her teaching background to target the problem areas. We have not abandoned nor rewritten the established canon. Instead, we took the established canon and placed the foundation of a child’s worldview – the family - back in its rightful place. The building block of society is the family. The family unit is who has cared for each child from before he or she was born to the present day. Therefore, it stands to reason that when a child is attempting to make sense of the world around him, he does not look first to the government or the school for answers. Rather he looks to the people who know him best – his family. 
Junior Think Tank walks alongside our students as they place one foot in front of the other in navigating the path set before them. Life is a journey that continues long past collecting one’s first paycheque or obtaining a high school diploma. What children learn in school should be the tools they use and continue to refine throughout their lives to avoid the gutter and the ruts in the ground. Our online program provides our students with those tools.

Junior Think Tank Academy recognizes that there are many parents who share our concerns with the world. We do not teach Critical Race Theory nor do we provide Diversity, Inclusion, Equity training. Rather our focus is to support family values and the continued uplifting of the family unit. Through our work, we hope to replace the shifting sand with a firm foundation, and ultimately, to replace depression and anxiety with hope and confidence. To that end, we have compiled a collection of vlogs on our website for parents to peruse and learn more about us at no cost to you. These resources are FREE!

Lively & Steven
  • How we teach and why
  • What is Social Studies?
  • Mental modes (building blocks of society)
  • Scaffolding