Thank you to everyone who joined Lively on Wednesday, February 3 at the Canadian Online Homeschool Conference 2021 where she provided parent-teaching training into curriculum development for Social Studies. There still a chance to learn more about basic teaching methodology and get practical tips to tailor student tasks to be more impactful.

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What conference attendees say

I just listened to Lively Nova-Simpson's presentation about exceeding government Social Studies expectations. Her recommendations were practical and brilliant, creating a total shift in my paradigm in teaching this subject with which I have struggled. I just wanted to thank her so much. I can sense so much good coming from the focus shift from information recall to preparing lifelong learners and responsible citizens.
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I so appreciate that your presentation was well laid out and clearly communicated and compared the two sides of curriculum. It is a refreshing contrast that I can offer my children as a homeschooling parent. The beauty of homeschooling is that we have freedom to creatively weave in relevancy (mock elections and the ideas you gave for community involvement) to make the learning meaningful and memorable. Social Studies is about the process (making connections), which makes the product (thoughtful citizenship) much more successful! Thank you.

Great presentation. It has definitely helped to solidify my choices on how we are approaching social studies and has reminded me of what the ultimate goals are so I can adjust and feel confident about how we are getting there. I wish I had seen changes like this made to the approach B&M schools take. I also wish the curriculum outcomes were written with these goals in mind, or explained better so everyone focused on this bigger picture of contributing to our community. Thanks for the inspiration today. Just what I needed.

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While I found the topic a little dry (I must admit Social Studies is not my fav subject!) – Lively Nova-Simpson touched on quite a few points that I intend to utilize – the integration of ‘new’ decision making processes & active citizenship. I intend to use the idea of ‘immediate sphere of influence’ with our youngest child.

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